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Help to STOP FDA Withholding of Developmental Toxicity's-health/

As you will read, massive scientific evidence confirms ongoing FDA acknowledgment of the causation of severe and irreversible physiological, reproductive, and neurological developmental toxicity while deliberately FDA withheld from public disclosure!

The FDA confirms "soybean, genistein, daidzein (soy's active estrogenic endocrine disruptors) as included on the FDA "Poisonous Plant Database"..... without public disclosure!

Far more than 700 scientific studies published on NIH Pubmed and Toxnet, along with individual scientific NIH, NIEHS, IACC, and FDA confessions again prove that the FDA is knowingly and willingly concealing overwhelming evidence that repeatedly proves highly toxic adverse developmental (fetus, infants, children) soy poisoning effects.

For decades past, several hundred scientific studies overwhelmingly conclude soy-contamination-causation of severe and irreversible adverse developmental (neurological, reproductive, and physiological) effects known to irreversibly damage the health of countless once healthy fetus, infant, and child.

It is true that the FDA Commissioner Hamburg and others concur with mass evidence proving soy toxicity..... without public disclosure. The FDA can not in fact confirm that developmental exposure to soy phyto-toxicity does NOT cause adverse effects to fetus, infants and child.

In August 2009 the FDA was formally Petitioned on behalf of Child Health Advocates requesting that the FDA take action to appropriately place WARNING labels on soy products in order to responsibly alert consumers of developmental SOY-POISONING as public information. The Petition also requests the WITHDRAWAL of soy infant formulas based upon massive evidence confirming high adverse health risks are caused by developmental soy toxicity.

FDA Barbara Schneeman (director of labeling) replied on March 2, 2010 stating that "This letter is to advise you that we have not been able to reach a decision on your petition....." How will the FDA be able to tell the American people the truth as they know it, about the extensive evidence confirming fetal, infant and child developmental soy contamination?

The FDA has known, but chooses to conceal acknowledgment of soy poisoning since their 1999 FDA Federal Register that states; "GRAS status of soy protein food ingredients did not include a thorough evaluation of the safety of potentially harmful components, e.g. lysinalanine, nitrites, and nitrosamins, trypsin inhibitors, phytates and isoflavones.” And that "soy's trypsin inhibitors (have) potential effects on pancreatic function....(causing) delterious effects in the pancreas....."without public disclosure.

It is overwhelmingly understood by the FDA Commissioner Hamburg, the NIH, NIMH, NIEHS, HHS, CFSAN, CDC, and others that soy's “natural”components: estrogenic endocrine disruptors, phytic acid, multiple heavy metals, and inhibition of several essential developmental enzymes, are each and ALL FDA known as scientifically confirmed as especially developmentally poisonous to once healthy fetus, infants, and children. The FDA fully acknowledges massive evidence that these toxic soy components are especially poisonous to the neurological, reproductive, and physiological systems of developing fetus, infants, and children, while failing their promised duty to protect health by refusing legitimate public disclosure of known health risks.

2004, NIH Database reports, "Genistein a soy isoflavone has been suggested to mediate biological function mainly as an endocrine disruptor...there are concerns about the long-term effect of this compound on human health, especially that of infants and young children."

Like the FDA, the NIH also refuses public disclosure of their acknowledgment of developmental soy poisoning.

Along with the NIH, and several hundred scientific study conclusions, in 2009 HHS, NIMH, Dr. Thomas Insell, CFSAN Dr. Michael Shelby, and more, all confirm soy’s "endocrine disruptor properties." Endocrine disruptors are well-known as severely and irreversibly developmentally toxic, and besides present in soy products for consumption, endocrine disruptors also include; pesticides, herbicides, plastics, alcohol, etc. Soy is the only established over-the-counter toxic endocrine disruptor consumed by the public.... saturating fetus, infants and children, while toxicity is deliberately not FDA allowed as public information. Why?

In truth, there exist scientific studies that compare soy estrogenic components to a form of prescribed DES estrogens, or prescribed (highly toxic) estradiol estrogen, and to other known estrogenic toxins, while soy is the only toxic estrogenic endocrine disruptor remaining without truthful FDA WARNING labels. All estrogenic endocrine disruptors are well-known as especially developmentally toxic while soy products..... for consumption.... are the only known active endocrine disruptors that the FDA refuses to allow as public information.

Tragically soy infant formulas that are fed directly into the mouths of babies, sometimes up to 100% of dietary intake for several months is also FDA known as highly toxic without withdrawal! I have not found any other country in the world who markets soy infant formula on grocery store shelves as in the USA. Alarming, milk-based infant formulas are also becoming soy-contaminated without reason!

Soy infant formulas first 3 ingredients; Corn syrup, soy and sugar, are each and all FDA known as developmental poisons that are proven to cause enormous health-risks to once healthy infants..... without FDA withdrawal!

The FDA is in fact concealing overwhelming evidence that developmental soy contamination is an ongoing undocumented experiment, without parental consent.

Why? Can it be that Michael Taylor assistant to FDA Commissioner Hamburg is protecting Monsanto's interest in 80% of their Genetically Modified soyseed? It remains to be questioned if FDA Michael Taylor's revolving door with Monsanto for many, many years may be reason enough that the FDA protects soy industry profits, and not children's health. Monsanto is also responsible for growth hormones, DDT, Roundup, aspartame....all that is known to be toxic for human consumption. Such depth for this ongoing and unthinkable FDA betrayal remains to be investigated and answered.

The following can also describe the worst FDA crime in history;

1. While themselves acknowledging developmental soy toxicity, the FDA allows the increasing marketing of soy contaminating products that in fact targets infant and children’s foods; Gerbers cereals, crackers, snacks, packaged foods, drinks, etc., etc., etc) while FDA withheld from pubic disclosure!

2. The FDA acknowledges that soy is manufactured for: ink, biofuels, hydrolic oil, grease, solvents, adhesives, plastics........AND for foods, beverages, including infant formulas, while FDA acknowledges several hundred published studies proving massive developmental (physiological, reproductive, and neurological) irreversible disorders and diseases are in fact soy-caused…….while FDA withheld!

3. The FDA acknowledges soy's phyto-poisonous estrogenic endocrine disruptors and multiple toxic components transfer to fetus during maternal soy consumption, and can transfer again to the infant while breast feeding. It is also study proven that male soy consumption can contaminate sperm....without public disclosure!

4. The 2010 National Toxicology Program (NTP) Brief on soyformula concludes; “(There is) Clear evidence of adverse effects in studies with gestational, lactational, and post-weaning (soy formula) treatment." And that "Daidzein has estrogenic activity of its own. That soy formula may adversely affect human development can not be dismissed." There is no public disclosure!

12 out of the 14 “expert panelists” on this NTP soy formula committee are proven to have
direct or indirect soy industry funding, thus resulting in intentionally withheld toxic developmental conclusions..... and not FDA revealed as public information!

This 2010 NTP report also refers to soy as a "treatment" due to evidence of soy’s drug-like endocrine disruptor toxicity…….. Without public disclosure!

6. The FDA acknowledges that besides fluctuating levels of soy’s “natural” toxic estrogenic endocrine disruptors, soybeans are also loaded with fluctuating levels of additional toxic components: phytic acid, heavy metals, (known to damage multiple essential minerals), and soy inhibits essential enzyme that are absolutely necessary for normal fetal, infant and child development. Each and ALL of these multiple soy poisons are FDA confirmed as developmental toxins……without public disclosure!

7. The FDA acknowledges a NTP report concluding: "Levels of aluminum found in soy (600-1300ng/mL) infant formula compared to human milk level of 4-65 ng/mL." It is CDC confirmed that: "Brain and bone disease (is) caused by high levels of aluminum in the body has been seen in children....Aluminum from the mother can enter her unborn baby through the placenta." Without public disclosure!

9. The FDA acknowledges that for more than a decade they have been routinely hand delivered a number of studies from scientists from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS); Drs: Doerge, Sheehan, Newbold, Chang, etc., along with multiple National Institute of Health (NIH) scientists who each and all repeatedly confirm the same conclusions of extensive developmental soy toxicity causes a multitude of adverse developmental health effects..... FDA withheld from public disclosure!

The FDA acknowledges their knowledge of overwhelming numbers of published scientific study evidence all concluding developmental soy poisoning causation of: premature birth, allergies, asthma, liver, lung, pancreatic disease, diabetes, thymus damage, hypothyroidism, immune deficiency disease, severe gastrointestinal disorders, leukemia, multiple cancers, cancer metastasis, several reproductive disorders and diseases, infertility, gender chaos, homosexuality, seizures, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, multiple behavioral disorders, and more….. is caused by exposure to soy-contamination during most fragile fetal, infant and child developmental stages. Again without public disclosure!

FDA MedWatch reproting system, is loaded with parental reports confirming multiple adverse soy toxic effects caused to their once healthy child! Without FDA disclosure!

Overwhelming evidence repeatedly proves without a doubt the FDA is ignoring most important food laws, while knowingly participating in fraud, misconduct and horrific abuse of power! A worst FDA crime in American history.

The law according to the Combating Autism Act confirms that “risk factors” known to encourage the causation of autism must be revealed as public information. The FDA again acts against the law, while knowingly and willingly withholding repeat evidence describing in detail how soy's toxic components encourage the causation of adverse developmental neurological effects...... without public disclosure!

Detailed study evidence confirms soy's toxic components disrupts several neurotransmitter systems and neuron development that is reported to cause; autism, seizures, behavioral disorders, and several neurological disorders. Soy phyto-toxicity is proven to damage most important brain systems that communicate, relay, amplify, and modulate signals between brain cells thus damaging brain functions responsible for; emotions, bonding, behavior, cognition, learning, attention, reward, sleep, memory, arousal and motor control.....without public disclosure!

Males are proven as most sensitive to estrogenic endocrine disruptors and are diagnosed with autism four times more often than girls.

Autism is many times diagnosed in multiple children of the same family, while parents are withheld important FDA disclosure to avoid fetal, infant and child dietary soy contamination.

The FDA scapegoat is; We need to do more (soy toxicity) research. There is NO need for more soy-poisoning research as is already massively complete, resulting in great suspicion that the FDA is deliberately protecting soy industry profits and refusing to protect children’s health. In comparison to existing massive studies, the FDA has no evidence developmental soy toxiciy is safe, while simply playing an undisclosed game of health roulette with other people's children!

The FDA acknowledges that cancer patients, male and female are commonly told by their oncologist to stop consuming soy products due to the soy-threat of estrogenic endocrine disruptor manipulation of cancer, or cancer drugs. Imagine the pre-and post-natal toxic effects caused by exposure to soy's toxic components.

FDA also acknowledges that those who struggle with infertility, or reproductive disorders are commonly physician instructed to STOP eating soy (active endocrine disruptors). Imagine this reproductive threat to developing fetus, infants, and children contaminated by soy-poisoning!

Men’s Health magazine exposed another example of adult soy toxicity. A male drinking soy milk
developed breasts and emotional (brain) issues that were resolved upon doctor’s orders to stop consuming soy! These same health threats can be caused to fetus, infants, and children contaminated by soy-poisoning!

FDA is aware that pet food manufacturers who market healthiest brands of dog and cat foods proudly label "No Soy." Soy's toxic adverse food effects caused to fetus, infants, and children are NOT FDA labeled as equal to our pets!

Where are Surgeon General Warnings in regards to developmental soy poisoning: WARNING: Quitting Soy Greatly Reduces Serious Risk To Your Child’s Health! There are none!

And... WARNING: Soy Formulas And Foods Are Proven to Cause Physiological, Reproductive, and Neurological Damage To Your Child’s Health! There are none!

It is an outrage that for far more than a decade massive study evidence that repeatedly proves soy- poisonous-destruction to fetal, infant, and child health remains….. FDA withheld from the American public!

It is without question that each day of delay more children are in fact painfully damaged by soy-contamination. This unnecessary soy phyto-toxic destruction of fetal, infant, and child health has GOT TO STOP, and some day very soon has GOT to be revealed as public information!

Please care to petition for children's health:'s-health/

Thank you very much for your time to help force the FDA to responsibly reveal the soy-toxic-truth......finally and for all!

Gail Elbek
Investigative researcher- Developmental soy poisoning
NTP/CERHR Affiliate